Updating a bathroom vanity

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This project was to be a quick and inexpensive upgrade.

Besides, I figured, even if we never have any blog followers at least we’ll have a chronicle of our home before and afters for our own sake.Yea, that’s the story of most of our renovations ~ problems!But thankfully we did find a new top that fit after a quick 2 day search and put the bathroom back together in no time.Let’s have a moment of silence for the 80’s folks….. Apparently to some tunes from the boom box 🙂 Oh my gosh we had a wooden toilet seat. I had taken out the old sink, put the new one on top and it didn’t fit. New ones with granite and under mount bowls are in the 5 range.You need to note, that if you have one of these in your house – it needs to go. Two things you do immediately when you move into a new house: 1. I ran out to all 3 of the thrift/reuse places we have in town and thankfully found the size and color I needed. We ran a think line of caulk under the back edge, placed it on top of the cabinet and that was about it. You can find all kinds of gently used home improvement supplies at places like Habitat for Humanity or the local architectural salvage shop.

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