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Do you trust students to take an exam on their own computer from home or work, even though it may be easy to sneak a peek at the textbook?

Or do you force them to trek to a proctored test center, detracting from the convenience that drew them to online classes in the first place?

The new technology would allow cameras to be placed inside students' homes, solving a problem for the growing field of online education: how to make sure students aren't cheating on their exams.

But some new technology that places a camera inside students' homes may be the way of the future — as long as students don't find it too creepy. The device, made by Cambridge, Mass.-based Software Secure, is similar in many respects to other test-taking software.

At Troy, like at many distance learning programs, past testing options have been less than ideal.

One was to line up a proctor from a list of acceptable exam monitors such as clergy or commanding officers.

But that was inconvenient for many students — and, of course, impossible for soldiers in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

The device will cost Troy students 5, White said.

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