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Values imply integrity and integrity means you will be a faithful and loyal friend to her . They get their image of what a man should be from their fathers.

Now these are not always things that are easy to bring out when flirting with a girl in a club.

Self-confidence is very important to your girl because she wants to know you are comfortable in your own skin. When you give your word, keep it and expect the same from her.

Sure, you can be shy and vulnerable, but it takes a strong, confident man to be able to share those weaknesses openly. That is the kind of strength that makes a woman sigh much more than muscles on your arms or chest.

That ability to use humor in all kinds of situations shows a strong coping skill which means you will be a good companion and provider long term. If you take the time to let her be herself and show that you are as fascinated with her as you are with yourself, her inner self will blossom for you and all the love in her heart will come to you with that princess inside her. Women love men who are able to talk about what they feel.

It doesn't come naturally to some men, but be open with your woman and let her know you want to share everything with her and she will share everything with you.

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