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The company will launch on Wednesday a search engine that only indexes dating Web sites, giving users links to personal profiles found at i Inc., Love Inc., Tickle Inc., and Lycos' own "We did research last year and it revealed that (online) dating customers want a robust and efficient way for searching for dates online," said Curt Degenhart, a Lycos senior product manager.After a user runs a query, Lycos Dating Search returns portions of the profiles it finds.To read the full profile, users can click on the search result, which takes them to the original dating site.REALNEO believes this right should remain with individuals. read on: Lycos launches dating search engine By Juan Carlos Perez Lycos making it easier for lonely hearts to find their soulmates online.Social networks and personal identity and data aggregation companies are increasingly betraying the privacy, beliefs and rights of individuals, as recently demonstrated by Choice Point selling fraudulent access to 100,000s of individuals' private financial and other data, and described below with South Korean search service provider Lycos selling access to 1,000,000s of personal dating profiles aggregated from many private dating websites...which in fact is just a bait and switch operation for Lycos and dating site operators' to profit off lonely people.

Jom Social 4.3.2 is a minor release that includes a few bug fixes, the addition of some small features to Jom Social core, and a whole new extra module.

To see the full list of changes, please visit our change log.

Although this is not a security patch, we advise you to update your sites today so that you can benefit from the new features and products also included in this update.

Lycos will sell online ads and charge partner dating sites fees.

For example, partners will pay Lycos every time a Lycos Dating Search user clicks through to their site and/or every time a user signs up for their service, Degenhart said.

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