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I just don't know what a Czech woman might expect of a guy who is interested in her romantically. I am a female from the US and am "dating" a guy from the Czech Republic.I don't want to scare her off, but I would like to get the ball rolling... We are both about 30 years old and only a year from receiving our Ph. I met him this summer in Germany and am visiting him for Christmas.We did, however, receive a handful of replies in English from less-than-lascivious men who seemed genuinely interested in a language exchange. CZBashy, virtual college dorm Lidé, one of the most popular Czech dating sites around, is similar to Badoo and Libimseti for its social network leanings.Here you can discuss “Death/Doom Metal” with fellow heshers or, if you’re in the mood for love, participate in something saucier like the “No Undies Today” chatroom.

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This makes sense given that we were bombarded with dozens of messages and invitations to chat, many of them spam, from random people within minutes of creating a profile. CZThe creepy uncle of Czech dating sites After the splashy Badoo experience, fifteen-year-old Seznamka felt a bit outdated especially when we were asked to supply our astronomical sign. This time we sent out shy-sounding messages in Czech to a handful of randomly selected suitors. Which was surprising, considering that, like Seznamka, Štěstí is based on the set-up-a-profile-and-wait approach.

If you're out there, we would like to know about dating Czech guys/girls. Hi everybody, I am not Czech but I dated a Czech boy.

I was not very successful so I still don't know much about that.

But I can tell you that both male and female Czechs are very romantic.

According to my knowledge, dating rules in CZ are less formal than in the US.

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