Cam to cam live totoly free no payment needed

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While many of the issues I had with the camera have been fixed, the grainy picture is still an issue.

Perhaps I need a degree in network engineering to really get the best picture. The feature to scrub through a timeline to quickly see activities is perfect. I'm planning on buying the new outdoor camera soon and possibly another indoor camera.

All-to-often companies will leave an older product to focus on making it appealing to purchase new products.

--ORIGINAL REVIEW--While the nest cam is "cool" and works as it should, I simply can't give it 5 stars. We purchased 2 thermostats, the smoke alarms and the nest cam. Small, attractive and website and app are very well designed and work great!Worse, for a business in the security business, they will only review this case once my home is unsecure.Up to this point I've loved Nest's smoke alarm product. But I'd warn people away from the nest security cams until Nest have fixed the bugs and improved the level of their support, which is close to non-existant. We're sorry that you've had a less than stellar experience with our support team.Having read the reviews about people averaging 90 minutes on the phone waiting for support, I thought I'd be smart and use their support email to get help.The stock reply came a full day later telling me that they'd really like to help me, so why don't I check their FAQ section online, and if that doesn't work out then call their phone support. So I'm sitting next to my phone on speaker phone right now (AGAIN), with the call time at 1 hour and 17 minutes waiting for "senior tech", having already endured what must have been "regular tech".

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