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Or should I say the "lack of relationships" after sexual assault...Trust is a difficult thing, especially when you've fallen victim to a rape.Though the term "survivor" sounds pretty tough, the truth is that survivors are often fragile, and find themselves being ditched by guys and friends alike who are often too callous or impatient to deal with the emotional rollar coaster a rape survivor experiences and deals with on a daily basis.It is easy for a survivor to become overly dependent on friends once they learn that they can open up and trust again because it feels so amazing to finally be able to trust a person.Sometimes the additional trials and issues involved in relating to a sexual assault survivor are very, very sad. With all those terrible traits, they are always there for me. What has happened to me, to my emotions and my mind, is equivalent to a physical handicap.Last weekend I was invited to an awesome concert by a good friend. My perception of life and everyday occurrences will never be normal. Like a person who has lost a limb in an accident, the damage has been done and nothing will ever bring that limb back.This can occur in a variety of relationships: co-habitual, dating, married, separated, divorced, heterosexual, or gay/lesbian.

This misconception is also the reason why victim-blaming excuses often fly without much questioning from others.After becoming a victim myself and eventually seeking therapy, I couldn't trust anyone, not even myself.Can you imagine the feeling of not being able to trust yourself? To understand why, I would have to revert back to the crime itself along with some common misconceptions.A lot of people have difficulties in relationships, but a person who has survived rape will have extra issues.It takes a patient and special person to be their lover or even just their friend.

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